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Looking for Exclusive BFCM Water Filter Sale items at 20-35% OFF?

Looking for Exclusive BFCM Water Filter Sale items at 20-35% OFF?

Water eStore is offering an incredible 20% off our best selling water filtration equipment and 35% off our best selling replacement water filters. All prices include FREE Shipping in Canada. No coupon code required, just add to your cart and the 20% discount is automatically applied.  Check this out!

Our most popular Water Softeners, Iron and Sulphur Filters, UV Systems, Tannin Filters, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systemsare all on sale at 20% off our already discounted prices.  This is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade to new reliable and efficient water filtration equipment for your family.  Easy monthly payments are available on all equipment through paybright!

HUM Safe Water 10HUM Water Saver 75      

Water Softeners

WaterBoss 180 High Efficiency Water Softeners

Clack WS1 - 30,000 Grain Water Softeners

Chemical Free - Iron & Sulphur Filters 

Clack WS1 Iron Filters

Clack WS1 Sulphur Filters

Combined Iron and Sulphur Filters

Tannin Filters

10 gpm UV Disinfection Systems

Water Saver 75 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Replacement Filters for Water Saver 75Pentek 5005Viqua CMB 10" BB Dual GradientSediment FiltersKX Matrikx 20" BB

Our 10 most popular water filter cartridges are discounted 35% when you order 5 or more of any one kind.  Now is a great time to stock up on your water filters!  We have a huge quantity in stock and ready to ship and as always, all prices include FREE Shipping!

Replacement Water Filter Cartridges 

10” Valuetrex Sediment Filters

20” Valuetrex Sediment Filters

10” KX Matrikx Carbon Filters

20” KX Matrikz Carbon Filters

10” Pentek Big Blue 5005 Dual Gradient Sediment Filters

20” Pentek Big Blue 5005 Dual Gradient Sediment Filters

10” KX Matrikx Big Blue Carbon Filters

20” KX Matrikx Big Blue Carbon Filters

10" Viqua BB Sediment Filters

20" Viqua BB Carbon filters with Lead Removal

10" Viqua Sediment Filter 3 Pack

Now is the time to finally get rid of those hard water stainswith one of our water softeners and the perfect time to add a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for your family.  If you’re getting brown staining, sulphur smell or want to make sure your well or lake water is safe to drink we can help you with all of those too, at 20% off. 

These BFCM sale prices are only available on line!  Shop early for best selection, sale ends December 2!