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HUM Automatic Back Washable Carbon 1.5 cubic foot Taste/Odor Filter

Featuring Premium Made in USA Water Treatment Valve

For removal of Chlorine and other chemicals from municipal water supplies.


✔️ STORES SYSTEM CONFIGURATION during power outage

✔️ ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED efficiency and reliability
✔️ MANUFACTURED BY WATERITE TECHNOLOGIES INC – a Canadian Company servicing us from Barrie, Ontario 
✔️ FLOW RATES of up to 27 gpm. 
✔️ COMPLETE VALVES CAN BE DISASSEMBLED in less than 5 minutes without tools, for easy service 
✔️ VALVES USEno nuts, bolts, screws or springs for easy service

✔️ FEATURES a non- proprietary, super efficient and proven reliable Clack water treatment valve

Battery backup to maintain settings and time during power outages.

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Product Number WD BTC1.5