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HUM Cottage Pre Filter Kit 10" BB 7525 Micron | Free Ship


HUM Cottage Pre Filter Kit 10" BB 7525 Micron

This Viqua Heavy-duty three-piece filter housing is sized for 10" Big blue filters. This Kit comes with Dual Gradient Filter, Pentair DGD 75-25 Micron, ideal as a first step in Lake or Well Water filtration for removing larger sediment particles.

    ✔️ Comes with a pressure relief valve
    ✔️ Bracket and wrench included
    ✔️ Dimensions 8" X 15 1/2" or 20.3 cm X 39.3 cm
    ✔️ Connection Size 1" FNPT
    ✔️ Maximum Flow Rate 20 GPM
    ✔️ NSF 42 Certified
    ✔️ Drain port on bottom 

    ✔️ Pentair 10" Big Blue filter 75/25 Micron  # 155355-43


    FH Prefilter 7525 10" BB Kit

    Plumbers Clear Silicone Grease here

      Download Instruction Sheet here (French)

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