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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Guards Leak Stop

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Guards Leak Stop


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Guards Leak Stop Safety Feature

First of all, why would you want to add this?

Reverse Osmosis Systems have a multitude of connections that if compressed or pinched could cause a leak.  As many Reverse Osmosis Drinking water systems are installed in a finished area like under a kitchen sink if left undetected a leak could cause significant damage. 

By installing the Guard Leak Stop system on the supply line to the Reverse Osmosis System if a leak causes a puddle of water to form under the Leak Stop, it will shut off your water flow to the RO.  Your water will stop flowing from the faucet, once the water in the tank has been depleted and you will be alerted that you have a problem.

The installation is very straight forward.  Turn off the water supply to the Reverse Osmosis System and the tank.  Decide on an install location for the Leak Stop somewhere that will not get splashed with water from a watering can or other source and that would normally be 100% dry and install the Leak Stop near the RO with a screw into the cabinet floor.  Cut the RO supply line tubing so that it will connect to the leak stop inlet and outlet.  Review my video about using quick connect plumbing fittings and then make the connections. 

When the Guards Leak Stop System is tripped you will need to shut off the water from source and tank and then unscrew the screw holding the top of unit to the bottom to remove and replace the tablet inside and pull down the plunger.  Make sure you keep this tablet dry through the replacement process and reassemble.

Turn the water back on and check for leaks!