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City Water Treatment Solutions


Water from any municipal source has already been partially treated for your family, however, since many municipalities' water source is from wells the water is likely hard which will make your home much more difficult to keep clean, shortens the lifespan of your water using appliances & clothing, and costs your family money by making your home less efficient than with soft water. Did you know that if you have a tankless hot water heater you need soft water or you'll be replacing that very expensive heater within a couple of years? With hard water your family's hair will become frizzy and hard to manage, skin becomes dry, often cracking. Check out our water softeners, with or without chlorine removal to keep your home cleaner, more energy efficient, make all of your water using appliances last longer and save your family money.

Your municipality ensures your families water is bacteria free by adding chemicals like chlorine to the water but do you really want your family to drink or even bathe in chlorine? The chemicals and by-products remaining from treating municipal water as well as pharmaceuticals and personal care product residuals are not what you want to have your family drinking. According to the Government of Canada, "a recent study showed an increased risk of bladder and possibly colon cancer in people who drink chlorinated water for 35 years or more".

Consider the fluoride that many municipalities are adding to water supplies, are you sure you want your family ingesting that chemical? Our automatic back washable carbon filters will remove chlorine from your family's water and our Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems will reduce the mineral content by 90%, improving the taste and removing chemical contaminants like PPCP's, chlorine and fluoride.

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My Water Smells Bad!

City or municipal water can sometimes have an odour from the chemicals used to treat it. Our Reverse Osmosis systems remove that smell and associated taste, giving you bottled quality water at home!

My Water Tastes Funny!

City or municipal water can have a funny taste! This is usually due to the chlorine and bromine in the water supply. A good quality Reverse Osmosis System will get rid of the funny taste in your water!

I've Got Water Spots!

City or municipal water is notoriously hard! Our selection of high performance and efficient Water Softeners will take the hardness from your water, making cleaning a breeze and extending the life of your appliances!

Bacteria Removal

If you don't make sure your water is bacteria free, no one else will, leaving your family at risk of contracting water bourne diseases which affect everyone but are especially critical to the very young and elderly. Our Ultraviolet Disinfection systems will ensure your family's water is bacteria free.

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