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Is All Bottled Water the Same?

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Is All Bottled Water the Same?


Being in the water treatment business it always amazed me when people refer to "bottled water" as a commodity, a fixed entity, when I knew from years in this business that not all water in bottles is the same. In fact as you will soon see it varies widely based on where the water comes from and what processing, if any, it receives.
Generally speaking bottled water is of two types, Reverse Osmosis Water which has been processed by, you guessed it, reverse osmosis and Spring Water which must be left exactly as it was removed from the ground to be called Spring Water. Bottles E and N are Spring Water while A and our The Water Store water are Reverse Osmosis.
The following chart shows the comparison of 3 bottles of water purchased from a local convenience store and comparing their results to the Reverse Osmosis water we produce in our store and our local award winning town water from Midland, Ontario.