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Heaven Fresh 380 Air Purifier keeps Your Family Healthy

Heaven Fresh 380 Air Purifier keeps Your Family Healthy


The Heaven Fresh 380 is ideal for large spaces with dirt and dust concerns

When you want to be sure that you are getting the purest air possible, rely on the NaturoPure™ Multi-Technology Air Purification from a Heaven Fresh HF 380 for your family. With its Automated Control Panel and Smart Sensors for ease-of-use and a proprietary 7 stage purification process, it helps to eliminate virtually all impurities from your air, leaving it fresh and energized. It auto-adjusts to your environment boosting cleaning power when needed.

The HF 380 is suitable for areas up to 650 ft² in size, so it is perfect for larger living areas, or smaller houses. Its small size and upright design allows for easy placement in any room. You can place this unit behind furniture without blocking the air flow. This amazing cleaning device is designed for low power consumption, efficient air distribution as well as whisper quiet operation. It's a perfect investment for keeping your family healthy and happy.

The Heaven Fresh 380 uses 7 types of Air Purification Technology

Pre- Filter / Anti-Bacterial Filter
Polluted air first passes through the washable pre-filter which is designed to filter larger particles such as dust, pet hair and lint. It prevents clogging and preserves the life of other filters, so more pores remain available in the activated carbon and HEPA air filters.

Metal Collection Plates / Electrostatic Filters
Ionisers work by creating air that is densely packed with charged ions that cause pollutants to be magnetically attracted to metal collecting plates or grid. They can trap ultrafine particles as small as 0.01 microns including bacteria, cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, viruses and germs. The plates/grid can be pulled out for periodic cleaning and does not require replacement which can result in significant savings over a long period of time.

Activated Carbon Filter
Is ideal for capturing and neutralizing chemicals, gases, odours and cigarette smoke, which the HEPA filter cannot capture.

HEPA Filter
Removes over 99% of particles (.3 microns in size) that pass through the filter, preventing them from becoming re-circulated into the air. This is largely considered the most effective type of air filter.
Captures a high volume of floating dust and other particles, including many of the ionized particles that would otherwise just settle to the ground if a typical ionizer were used.

TiO² Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter
Activated by UV light, it releases free radicals that destroy organic based pollutants. Destroys bacteria, mould, viruses, odours, formaldehydes, ammonia, VOCs.

Germicidal UV LEDs
UV (ultraviolet) light is scientifically-proven to destroy a large variety of microbial contaminates such as viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi (including mould). Ultraviolet light has been used for years by the medical field (including hospitals) to sanitize rooms and equipment, in order to prevent the spread of illness and disease. UV is recommended by Centers for Disease Control for its ability to destroy biological pollutants.

Air Ionizer
Effectively removes particulate from the air, such as allergens (including mould and dust mites), fine dust particles, bacteria, viruses, chemical fumes and other ultra-fine particles that a filter cannot capture.
Increases the effectiveness of the HEPA and activated-carbon filter systems, by causing particles to magnetically attract together, resulting in larger particles that are easier for the filter to capture.
Disinfects viruses and bacteria trapped in the filtration bank that would normally reproduce in other typical air purifiers.
Ionization has the ability to remove airborne particles away from the air purifier, in areas of the room where the filter has little effect. This is due to the fact that ions can circulate throughout a room. Negative ion circulation is enhanced as a result of the fan boosting air flow.

Uses one Replaceable Filter Lasting up to 2 Years