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How a Chemical Free FOC Sulphur Water Filter Works

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FREE Shipping Canada Discount Pricing from Gary the Water Guy as he explains How a Chemical Free FOC Sulphur Water Filter Works | The Water Filter Estore



Recent technological advances in water treatment technology have produced a new way of treating that awful sulphur smell in your water. This filter system, known as an FOC, brings many advantages over previous sulphur removal systems such as full compatibility with constant pressure and jet pumps and they are simpler and easier to maintain. They require no injector to be installed on the line coming from the well, require no "off air" tank for contact time and are usually less expensive than two tank, air injection systems. Be sure to contact your Water Store Group store so they can advise you as to whether this is the right solution for your water treatment challenges.
The FOC filter system uses an advanced catalytic carbon media to reduce the unpleasant tastes and odours associated with hydrogen sulphide in drinking water, while also providing a moderate level of iron reduction. This is a totally chemical FREE system.
The system draws air through its advanced electronic control valve in precise doses to form an air cap within the top of the media tank. As water passes through, the air cap begins oxidizing the sulphur, then uses the catalytic carbon media to complete the process and adsorb and filter the Sulphur out of your water supply. As more water passes through the air cap it starts to diminish.
This FOC automatically backwashes all of the media and the iron, dirt and sediment are flushed from the media and into the drain. Then the air cap is rebuilt before the FOC filter is put back into service to continue to remove sulphur from your water.
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