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Why I love the UV Dynamics Minirack UV | The Water Filter Estore

Why I love the UV Dynamics Minirack UV | The Water Filter Estore


These are just some of the reasons that I love the UV Dynamics Mini Rack Ultra Violet Disinfection System to make sure your water stays bacteria free!

1) They are available in lots of different configurations and sizes to give you the correct amount of filtration in addition to handling your umps' flow rate.
2) They can be easily reversed, so it doesn't matter whether your water flows right to left or the other way around becasue you can easily reverse the unit which makes installation much easier and maximizes flow through the UV.
3) There is a drain plug at the bottom of the UV chamber so it can be easily winterized in situations where the plumbing in a home or cottage needs to be drained.
4) They are Made in Canada.
5) They are Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA).
6) Very do it yourself friendly and easy to install.
For Model Numbers: MR180-TP1/100, MR240-TP1/100, MR245-TP1/100, MR320-TP1/100, MR320E-TP1/100, MR400-TP1/100, MR400E-TP1/100, MR485-TP1/100, MR485E-TP1/100, MR600-TP1/100, MR180-TP1/200, MR240-TP1/200, MR245-TP1/200, MR320-TP1/200, MR320E-TP1/200, MR400-TP1/200, MR400E-TP1/200, MR485-TP1/200, MR485E-TP1/200, MR600-TP1/200, MR180-TP1/110, MR240-TP1/110, MR245-TP1/110, MR320-TP1/110, MR320E-TP1/110, MR400-TP1/110, MR400E-TP1/110, MR485-TP1/110, MR485E-TP1/110, MR600-TP1/110, MR180-TP1/220, MR240-TP1/220, MR245-TP1/220, MR320-TP1/220, MR320E-TP1/220, MR400-TP1/220, MR400E-TP1/220, MR485-TP1/220, MR485E-TP1/220 and MR600-TP1/220

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