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Best 3 Ways to MAXIMIZE FLOW from Your Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for Your Family

Best 3 Ways to MAXIMIZE FLOW from Your Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for Your Family

HUM Water Saver 75

If you find that the flow of your Reverse Osmosis drinking water system has deteriorated from when it was new and now you only get a glass or so from a full tank before it slows down, I suggest you watch this YouTube video of mine to trouble shoot. But, if your tank is working correctly and you want to get more water flowing faster from the faucet all the time, check this out! The flow from a Reverse Osmosis system is determines by the tank. When the tank is full the flow is the fastest. This is because there is an air bladder inside the tank that is compressed by the water in the tank, the more water, the more compression on the air bladder = faster flow. There are a couple of things you can do to improve the flow.

1) Ideally you should have chosen a Reverse Osmosis system like this Water Saver 75 which has the larger 3/8 tubing from the tank through the last filter and all the way to the faucet. If you didn’t, you can always improve the flow by changing the tubing size, fittings and in some cases filters to improve the flow.

2) You can move the tank closer to the faucet. When the tank is further it needs to push the water through more tubing with more resistance, which slows down the flow. Also, if the water needs to be pushed up, you get less flow. So move the tank as close to the faucet as possible, ideally under the sink.

3) The biggest gain comes from installing another tank. Because the pressure from the tank is highest when the tank is full, when you use two tanks, you will get the higher amount of pressure for twice as long and you have the added benefit of more water when you need it. If you are constantly running out of water you can even upgrade to this 14 gallon tank at this point. Each one of these will give you better flow and combining more then one improvement will give you even better flow. In my house, since I have my Water Saver 75 installed in the basement with it’s tank, I already have the larger 3/8” tubing and I installed a second tank under the sink. This video will show you what kind of flow I am getting We offer the supplies you need to make these improvements with free shipping and discount pricing. Here are the links: Second tank Large 14 gallon tank Tank shut off for 3/8” tubing Tank shut off for ¼” tubing “T” to connect second tank to water line 3/8” T” to connect second tank to water line ¼”