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Buying Made in USA Water Filters

Buying Made in USA Water Filters

Why Buying "Made in USA" Water Filters is a Smart Idea

Are you Buying Made in USA WATER FILTERS? More and more people are assuming “everything” including water filters are all Made in China. There’s no choice to buy US made Water Filters, right? Nope, wrong! Where can you find them? Why should you buy them? Are they more expensive? How do they compare to the ones Made in China? I’m going to explain what you need to know about buying made in USA Water filters starting right now!

Hi I’m Gary the Water Guy and I simplify water filtration to help you conquer crappy water for your family!


American Manufacturing is Not Dead and Needs Support

Some of you might be Canadians like me and ask “Why not buy Canadian made filters?” Well there aren’t any, I know I have spoken to Canadian Manufacturers and they just can’t make it work so we can all at least support the North American economy by buying Made in USA water filters instead of the Chinese ones. Maybe you thought American Manufacturing as a whole is dead? Well according to the Alliance for American Manufacturing:

1) In 2016, American factories made $5.3 trillion worth of goods, surpassing every other sector, from real estate to health care to retail and construction. 

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2) Millions of Americans are still employed in manufacturing — nearly 12.4 million of them as of June 2017. And manufacturing is a job creator — one job in the steel industry creates seven additional jobs in other sectors; For example, 1 in 25 U.S. jobs is tied to the American auto industry.

3) Manufacturing jobs also tend to pay better. The National Association of Manufacturers reports that the average manufacturing worker earned $81,289 annually in 2015, compared to the average $63,830 for folks in other sectors.

4) For workers without a college degree, manufacturing pays $1.78 per hour more than other sectors, EPI reports.

5) If every American spent just $64 more each year on Made in America goods, we’d create an additional 200,000 jobs.

6) Also, these overseas manufacturers have far less stringent pollution and recycling standards so to produce the same amount of goods results in greater pollution than when produced in the USA. They have far fewer environmental restriction and therefore pollute more during manufacturing.

7) Consider too the extra pollution created by shipping those products from China to North America. Did you know that the shipping industry contributes over one billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year?

8) Human rights issues are also a consideration especially as it applies to cheaper child labour use.

9) O.K., so we know the benefits of Made in America — it’s the No. 1 driver of our economy, creates opportunity for tens of millions of Americans and is better for the environment.

10) What about the products? Our Made in USA sediment filters are constructed from pure polypropylene and contain no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders.


Choose Made in USA Water Filters vs Overseas

So when you compare Water filters that are made in the USA to the Chinese ones they’re made with stricter quality controls in both manufacturing and materials, reduce the impact on the environment, positively impact human rights and create more North American jobs. Given the opportunity, Americans say they prefer Made in America, and would purchase, but there is very little opportunity. For example, you can’t buy made in USA clothing because 97 % of all clothing available for sale in the USA isn’t made in the USA, same story for electronics! But you can buy made in USA water filters! But aren’t they more expensive? Check it out for yourself, you’ll find that there is very little extra cost and sometimes even less cost to you to support the Made in North America movement!