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How to Get Rid of Sulphur Smell from Well Water

How to Get Rid of Sulphur Smell from Well Water

Does your well water smell like rotten eggs? Disgusting, isn’t it?! Let's just say that you might get used to the smell, but your guests and family will remind you that your water stinks... how embarrassing! 

The smell of sulphur can be removed by oxidizing the smell out of the water either with chemicals, a gas like ozone, or air. Let's break it down...


The chemical procedure for removing sulphur smell involves injecting an oxidizing chemical like chlorine into the water, giving it some contact time by having it accumulate in a holding tank (usually of about 100 gallons), and then removing the stuff that was oxidized out of the water, and then removing most of the chlorine. 

I don’t like this process because these systems are expensive, take up a lot of space, and are high maintenance.


The Ozone method involves injecting ozone into the water and then capturing the stuff oxidized out and then backwashing it out. 

My concern with these systems are that they are expensive, the ozone generator does not last long and are expensive to replace, and the ozone is not compatible with the plastic parts in the valve. This means that, longterm, the valve will need replacement much sooner.


In my opinion, the best solution for removing sulphur from your water is using an FOC system. They are chemical free, use air to oxidize out the sulphur, and are virtually no maintenance. They also remove iron from your water, as long as you have less than 1 ppm of iron.

Want a quick experiment to see how this works? Simply fill a container with water, let it sit, and the air will eventually oxidize out the smell and it’s gone.

This is how the FOC works. The system draws air in through its intake in it’s advanced electronic control valve to form a large air bubble within the top of the media tank.

In everyday use, when you use water it’s sprayed through the air bubble to begin oxidizing the sulphur out of the water. The media traps any oxidized iron and holds it in place while the water flows into and up the riser tube to the whole house or cottage. Every three days the FOC automatically reverses the flow and backwashes all of the media flushing out the iron, dirt and sediment from the media and down the drain. Then the air cap is rebuilt buy sucking water through the air intake before the filter is put back into service to continue to oxidize and remove sulphur from your water.

This system works fine at removing up to 1 ppm of iron and 4 ppm of sulphur with a ph of at least 6.5. There are no filters to change or chemicals added to your water.

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To learn more about the maintenance, winterization and installation of this chemical-free sulphur system, go to my next video here... and I’ll see you there!