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How to Setup and Clean a Mazzei with Bypass Air Injector

How to Setup and Clean a Mazzei with Bypass Air Injector

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Setting up your Mazzei with bypass air injector correctly is critical to the performance of your Birm chemical free iron & sulphur filter. Once it has been installed, follow these steps for correct setup. Note: you will need at least 6 gallons per minute of flow from your well pump for these to draw air.

1) Start by putting your air birm into backwash by pressing and holding the “Regen” button. Once it starts backwashing, release the button. The pressure reading on the tank pressure gauge will start dropping.

2) When the pressure switch clicks and you see the pressure gauge on the pressure tank start to rise, bypass the Birm unit so water stops flowing to drain and immediately partially close down the orange or red-handled shut-off on the bypass piping around the Mazzei until you hear air being sucked into the Mazzei.

3) You want to draw air through the Mazzei for at least ½ of the pumping cycle. Less than ½ and you will still get some iron staining or sulphur smell, and more than ½ and you might get too much air in the water resulting in sputtering faucets and a slow down of the water flow to your home.

4) You may need to repeat the first 2 steps a number of times until you get it right.

5) Press the Regen button to advance the valve to get it back into service.

As water flows through the Mazzei, it passes through a very small opening (venturi) to create the suction needed. Since this water has iron, in time the venturi and the air inlet portion of the Mazzei will get clogged and needs to be cleaned. You will know when it’s clogged because it will stop drawing air into the Mazzei. The cleaning procedure is as follows:

1) Shut off the pump and any shut off valve downstream of the pressure tank. Open the valve at the bottom of the pressure tank and drain it completely.

2) Unscrew the nozzle and remove the rubber cap to remove the ball and spring from inside the Mazzei. Be very careful as they are very small and can easily be lost and are vitally important to keep this injector from leaking.

3) Soak the ball and spring in CLR or a similar product and clean with a brush until they are perfectly clean. Clean out the passageway into the Mazzei with a toothpick or similar item but do not enlarge the hole inside the Mazzei.

4) Put all back together and it should work fine, setup as per above setup directions.

5) If it still does not draw air, follow step number one again and remove the complete air injector assembly and remove the Mazzei from the assembly.

6) Look through the assembly from the end and clean out the longitudinal passageway through the Mazzei and then again repeat steps 2-4 above.

7) Reassemble and follow above setup instructions.

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