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Iron and Sulphur Filter INSTALLATION Tips, Tricks and DISASTERS Live Stream Event

Iron and Sulphur Filter INSTALLATION Tips, Tricks and DISASTERS Live Stream Event

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Your air over media Clack WS1 Iron & Sulphur Filter has stopped removing the iron and sulphur from your water, and those all too familiar iron stains and sulphur smells are back, and they seem worse than ever! Does this mean you need to scrap the whole system? Absolutely not! You can service, clean out, repair, and if needed, rebuild your existing Clack WS1 Iron & Sulphur water filter system, and I’m going to show you how, starting right now!
Hi, I’m Gary the Water Guy, and I simplify water filtration to help you conquer crappy water for your family!

This live stream video is for the DIY homeowner or plumber who is looking to learn how to repair and rebuild one of these Clack WS1 FOB, FOC, or FOK air over media iron and sulphur filters for a fraction of the cost of replacement with new.

When these systems were introduced, they were a game changer compared to the chemical injection systems of old or the old two-tank Air Birm Iron and Sulphur water filtration systems that used air injectors on the water line coming in from the well. The technology they use is great, but they do need occasional service and replacement of parts and eventually need to be rebuilt.
By the way, these Clack WS1 Air over media systems are available from us as our HUM FOC, FOB, and FOK chemical-free iron and sulphur filters, but the same basic systems are sold under other brand names like Nelson, Water Depot, Viqua, Excalibur, and countless others. The same parts and procedure apply to those systems as it does with ours. You can identify these air over media iron and sulphur filters by the tell-tale air intake on the top of the valve and these red, arrow-shaped bypass valve handles as a Clack WS1 valve. If yours isn’t a Clack Valve, the parts I suggest during this live stream will differ, but the overall procedures are the same. This procedure applies to both the 4 and 5-button Clack WS1 Valves.

These Clack WS1 FOB/C/K’s are very robust systems, and the basic, commercial-grade components will last a very long time, so a rebuild is definitely worthwhile! So then why do they need a rebuild in the first place? If you aren’t sure how they work, I definitely suggest you check out my video,
but basically air within the top of the tank oxidizes the iron out of your water, and it becomes a thick paste, which looks like a partially thawed fudgsicle, and accumulates inside the tank until it gets backwashed out. The problem is that iron, being a mineral, creates abrasion and wear between the surfaces of the piston and seals and accumulates in other areas within the valve.
HUM Iron and Sulphur filters are HERE.

Clack WS1 FOB, FOC, FOK, and FON Rebuild Kits are HERE 

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