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The BEST Lake & Well Water Filter That NO ONE Talks About!

The BEST Lake & Well Water Filter That NO ONE Talks About!

Do the filters at your Cottage & Cabin keep clogging? If so, follow along to learn about a secret filter that prevents clogging in your cottage water filtration system. We'll even share how it keeps your lake water clean and how to install it!



When your water source is lake or well water, you can end up with lots of dirt and debris in your water — you know, all the logs and frogs! — clogging your water filtration system.

But there’s a simple solution that is effective, self-cleaning, easy-to-install and service that will fix this concern for your family. 

A HUM Automatic backwashing filter is the answer! 



All you do is cut the plumbing after the pressure tank, run your water into and out of the valve by connecting it to the back, and then connect the drain connection to ¾” pex and either connect it to your plumbing, a sump pump or run it outside.

When you run water anywhere in your home, cottage or cabin, the coarse sediment accumulates inside the tank and then every 5 days it goes through a backwash cycle where it fluidizes the media inside the tank and flushes all of the dirt to the drain.

There are no filters to replace, chemicals to add, or light bulbs to change — and it can easily be winterized just like an iron filter or water softener. AMAZING!



HUM Automatic Backwashing Filter

Here are a couple of Pro Tips to keep in mind when installing your HUM Automatic Backwashing Filter.

  1. The filter is installed AFTER the pressure tank BUT BEFORE any other filtration like a tannin filter, filter cartridges or a UV light.

  2. When you first install it, fill it with water and then bypass it to allow the media to soak overnight.  The next day, put it into service and immediately put it through 2 regeneration cycles to thoroughly clean the media before putting it into service.

  3. Make the installation super easy and solder-free by using stainless steel connectors and sharkbite-type fittings.

  4. Plug this system and all other water filtration equipment into a surge suppressor to protect the electronics from brownouts and power surges.

  5. You can easily winterize the system by following the recommendations in the video below.


lake water filtration diagram




To prevent a clogged water filter, your solution lies in the HUM Automatic backwashing filter — an ingenious device that's effective, self-cleaning, and super easy to install and maintain.

Let's conquer crappy water together. It's time you enjoy clear, clean water without the worry of clogged filters! 💧👍






Getting rid of the dirt from your water to keep it from clogging your water filtration system is a great start, but if you want to get rid of the brown colour and make your lake water bacteria-free so your family can drink it, check out this video!