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UV MINIRACK CHALLENGE! Viqua vs HUM Water Care Which one is BEST for YOUR family?

UV MINIRACK CHALLENGE!  Viqua vs HUM Water Care Which one is BEST for YOUR family?

HUM Safe Water 10 Viqua IHS12-D4


Check out this comparison challenge to see which one is the best choice for your family!  HUM SAFE WATER 10 or Viqua IHS12-D4  So lets talk about the ways these two systems are similar before talking about their differences. To select the right sized unit you need to know your well flow rate. How to calculate flow rate

1) We are a dealer for both of these companies and offer both of these in our Midland store as well as our ecommerce site.

2) Both are Made in North America, Canada actually.

3) Both come 90% assembled right out of the box especially with the filter housings installed on the manifold and pre plumbed.

4) Both come in a several sizes of flow rates and pre filters, although the UV Dynamics product range is much broader.

5) Both are non proprietary products so you can get the replacement lamps and filters from us, but also just about any other water treatment supply company in North America.

6) Warranty, both have a 10 year warranty on the stainless steel chamber, 3 years on the controller and one year on the lamps.

Now let’s talk about the differences

1) When it comes to capacity between these two models, the UV Dynamics system is rated at 10 gpm while the Viqua one is rated as 12 gpm. Winner Round one is clearly Viqua, but most applications I find typically only require the 8 -10 gallons per minute flow rate.

2) Ease of installation, the big difference is that the Viqua one is not reversible. If your water flows left to right the installation is far neater and easier than if your water flows right to left. The UV Dynamics system is reversible, so either way works. Winner round two, UV Dynamics!

3) Completeness – Viqua’s system comes with the filters in the box, while the UV Dynamics minirack system does not. You need to order them separately. Winner round three, Viqua!

4) Product range for the Viqua is from 1 gpm up to 22 gpm in 6 increments while the UV Dynamics starts at 6 and goes to 20 gpm and ther are 6 increments but far more diversity in pre filter configurations. Round four, a draw!

5) Ease of Maintenance. Both are quite easy to maintain but the Viqua’s 3 piece filter housings are easier to use although it uses the larger 20” High Flow carbon filter which is very heavy when changing the filters. It’s also a little easier and more intuitive to reset the lamp timer on the Viqua unit. Winner round five, Viqua.

6) With regard to features, the Viqua system comes out ahead. The controller gives you far more information as to when the lamp will need replacement and even more info if you go with the top of the line model including showing the replacement lamp model numbers and more info. The UV Dynamics systems gives you the same info, but in a far more analogue way. Winner Viqua, round six.

7) My rating on longevity of both of these units comes from my experience from maintaining these for our customers. Those extra features on the Viqua unit makes the controller less reliable which means it needs to be replaced more often. Winner round seven, UV Dynamics.

8) Those extra features with the Viqua unit come at a cost! Investment is the big difference! Currently this Viqua unit is $365 more initially but will cost you an extra $3,000 to operate over it’s life of 20 years! Wow! Big difference! Why, because the replacement filters, lamps, and controllers are far more expensive and that really adds up over the life of the unit. Winner round eight, UV Dynamics!

So the Viqua unit won 4 rounds vs the UV Dynamics unit which won 3 but not all rounds are weighted equally. So Gary, which one is best for my family? If you prefer the big name brand and the extra features of the Viqua system and can live with the extra $3500 investment over the life of the system the Viqua is your best choice. Remember, that both units will accomplish the same goal, so if you prefer a lower initial investment and much lower annual costs and don’t mind the fewer bells and whistles the UV Dynamics unit is the better choice. Which one is in my house? I chose UV Dynamics.