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Water Softener Trouble Shooting Salty Water After Regeneration - Aquamaster and Water Boss

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You should never get salty water from your water softener.  This post helps you to trouble shoot that concern in your Aquamaster or Water Boss Water Softener.


Today I am looking at troubleshooting  Aquamaster High Efficiency Water Softeners that are producing salty water after a regeneration.

Check the following:

1)  Plugged injector.  Clean or replace injector screen, nozzle, and throat.

2)  Low water pressure can cause this, maintain minimum pressure of 20 psi  going to the water softener.

3)  Drain line or flow control is restricted. Remove restriction.

4)  Brine line restricted or crimped. Remove restriction, replace if crimped

5)  Excessive amount of water in brine cabinet. Verify correct water level relative to salt setting. Check lines and fittings for loose connections.

6)  Insufficient rinse time - Check mode setting chart for proper brine rinse time.

7)  Brine valve drips water back to brine cabinet. Clean brine valve housing, replace piston assembly.

8)  Water in household used during regeneration.  Make sure water softener is set to regenerate at a time when no one in the home is using water for any other purpose.

9)  Raw water has high sodium content to begin with.  Reverse Osmosis will significantly reduce the sodium content.


How to Test the Flow Sensor in Aquamaster or Water Boss Water Softener

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