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What is Your UVT % and Why Should You Care?

What is Your UVT % and Why Should You Care?


Since Ultraviolet light is light after all, it only makes sense that the clearer the water the more light will get through. The UVT% will influence the size of the Ultraviolet disinfection you need to purchase for your family. If your UVT is 100%, because your water is colorless, the rating on the UV unit in gallons per minute applies to you. If your UVT is below that you will need to either oversize to compensate for the lower transmittance of your water, or remove the colour by using a tannin filter or other filtration. Once it falls below 75% you will need to remove the source of the color for the Ultraviolet System to reliably kill the bacteria in your water for your family.

This UVT meter will tell you, once calibrated, what your UVT% is in your water.

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