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Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) Differences

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) Differences


What's the difference between Reverse Osmosis RO and Ultraviolet Disinfection UV Systems?

I am often asked what is the Difference between Reverse Osmosis RO  and Ultraviolet Disinfection UV  and which one is best for my family.

You may want to first review this video about how a Reverse Osmosis system works  and then this video about how an Ultraviolet System works

When water passes through an Ultraviolet system and it’s pre filters sediment and chemicals are removed and then any bacteria in the water is killed.  These systems are not required for municipal water systems where the municipality has disinfected the water using chlorine or chloramines.  Families who get their water from either a surface water source like a river or a lake or when the water comes from a well use these systems to make sure the water is Bacteria free for their families.  These systems really only kill bacteria, if it is present.  They do not soften, remove iron or other minerals from the water.

When water passes through a Reverse Osmosis system the system reduces the mineral content by over 95% and due to the prefilters also removes chemicals like chlorine form the water. Although bacteria will not pass through the membrane, as long as it is intact, if the membrane is kept in contact with water that has bacteria in it eventually the bacteria will compromise the membrane and the bacteria will pass through and infect your families drinking water.  These systems are perfect for giving your family bottled water quality in your home and if you are on well or surface water they give a second barrier against bacteria in your water.

So which one of these should you get for your family?  If you are on a municipal system you don’t need the UV but the Reverse Osmosis Drinking water system will give your family great tasting super pure drinking water system at one dedicated faucet.

If you are on well or surface water you will need the UV to make all of the water safe from bacteria through out the home and then add the Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System to provide a second layer of security and further purify your water by reducing the minerals and chemicals for your family.  So what do we have in our home?  Because we are on well water we have UV disinfection for the whole house and Reverse Osmosis water at one faucet in the kitchen and connected to our fridge water and ice dispenser.

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