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Your Complete Guide to City Water Filtration

Your Complete Guide to City Water Filtration

Are you unhappy with the quality of your city water? Looking to make changes but don't know where to start or what will work best for your family's needs? You're not alone, and we've got answers!

From whole house filters, RO systems and chloramine/chlorine filtration solutions - let us guide you through an easy-to-follow assessment for determining which type of water filtration system is necessary for your home, what order it needs to be installed in and why. I'll also detail the next steps for upgrading or getting your water fixed! Get started now on creating a safe and healthy home environment by implementing the perfect water treatment solution.

Follow along as I take you through our City Water Infographic and explain each phase of what you need, what it does and why - or IF - you need it for YOUR family.



sediment filter cartridge

To effectively clean up the water in your home, we need to first remove the dirt, colour and impurities so your water won’t stain your fixtures. Then we further purify the drinking water so it’s super pure and safe for your family. Let’s check it out step by step.

First of all, realize that depending on your water quality, you may not need every piece of equipment discussed here but it helps to know what each one can do for your family.  



Water starts from your city water supply and flows through a sediment pre-filter if you have lots of dirt in your water or, if not, a carbon filter to remove the disinfectant which is chlorine. Cartridge filters don’t work for removing chloramines.  

You would only need sediment pre-filtration depending on how much dirt is in your water.  If there is virtually no dirt you don’t need it


auto backwashing chloramine filter


Our HUM Automatic backwashing chlorine filter or chloramine filter is used to remove those disinfection chemicals from your water. These are great because the chemicals accumulate inside while you’re using your water and then every 4 days or so they backwash to flush out all of the chemicals and clean the filter automatically. Makes life easier for you, no filters to change! Also, it pre-filters and removes the chemicals to make your water softener last longer.


hum water softener


If your water is hard, a water softener comes next. These use water softener salt to regenerate the resin beads inside the media tank, which you’ll need to replenish based on your family's water usage. A water softener will make your water much more skin and hair-friendly, allowing you to save money by using less soap and making your home, and especially those shower doors, much easier to keep clean!


hum water saver ro system


To remove minerals (like sodium and lead) and the chemical residuals used in municipal water filtration from your water you would add a Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water system.

This is not a whole house system. The reverse osmosis water would be dispensed from a separate faucet at the kitchen sink and connected to your fridge if you have a water or ice dispenser in your fridge, giving you super pure drinking water on tap for your family.



Putting it all together we have this infographic.

city water filtration infographic


So what do you need in city water filtration for your family?  We would be happy to make a recommendation, but we need to know some information before we can help you.  We need to know your water chemistry, in other words, how hard your water is and if you have chlorine or chloramines in your water.  You can check with your municipality for your water hardness and to find out if they use chlorine or chlorine with ammonia (chloramines).

If you don't have a lab report, you can always mail us a water sample for FREE hardness testing to: Water Store, 1004 King Street, Midland, Ontario, Canada L4R 0B8.

Once you have your water chemistry, we have this convenient form for you to fill out, then scan or take a picture with your phone and email it back to us with your information. Using this info, we’ll put together a city water filtration system recommendation for your family!