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Your Complete Guide to WELL WATER FILTRATION

Your Complete Guide to WELL WATER FILTRATION

Is the water in your home, cabin or cottage giving you a headache? 

Are you unhappy with the safety, taste, smell, discolouration or staining caused by your well water?

Do you need to know how and where to start to fix it?

Well, you've probably heard of water softeners, iron filters, UV systems and even RO’s but if you still are curious to know what they are for, where they are installed and what order to follow and if you really need this for your family.

In this blog, we are going to explain everything for you! With the help of this infographic that illustrates the entire process.

Our process is to clean up the water to remove the dirt, bad colour and impurities so your water won’t stain your fixtures and then we disinfect it so it’s safe for your family. 

First of all, the Spindown filter is used for very coarse filtration. These use centrifugal force when the tap at the bottom is opened to flush out the debris. You would need to manually open the valve at the bottom periodically, usually once a week or more often if a lot of dirt is present, so that they aren’t an automatic system.

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Pre-filtering the water using a coarse sediment filter is very important. Though well water doesn't usually contain high levels of dirt, it is still important to use a pre-filter to protect your filtering equipment such as water softeners or iron filters. The filtering element is going to need to be replaced once a year or even more frequently if it becomes clogged. If you have any questions about sediment filters we have the perfect video for you. 

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Now, if you have an excess of sediments in your water the HUM Automatic backwashing is used when you have so much dirt in your water that you’re constantly replacing sediment filters. These are great because the dirt accumulates inside while you’re using your water and then every 4 days or so they back wash to flush out all of the debris, automatically. Makes life easier for you, no filters to change and no chemicals are involved. Automatic backwashing filter video here!

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If you have iron and or sulphur in wrong quantities in your water, you’ll need one of our HUM FOB, FOC or FOK iron and sulphur filters. These oxidize the iron and sulphur out of your water, trap it inside and clean themselves every few days to flush out the debris.  Once again, no filters to change and no chemicals to add. Iron filters video here! 

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Water hardness is a common quality of water containing dissolved compounds of calcium, magnesium, and other elements such as iron. When there is too much of these minerals, the problems start… If your water is hard, a water softener comes next. Here is how a water softener works video

You know that weak tea color caused by tannins in your water?.  A Tannin Filter should be installed to fix that! Tannin filter video here. 

By now, we’ve cleaned up the water and removed anything that would stain any surfaces, so the next step is to disinfect your water to make sure that it is safe and bacteria free for your family. For this you need an Ultraviolet Disinfection system, also known as a UV.  UV video is here.

To remove excessive minerals from your water, like sodium (if present) and create a second barrier from bacteria you would add a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system.  How does RO work video here. 

So what do YOU  need in well water filtration for your family?  

We would be happy to make a recommendation, but we need to know some information before we can help you. We need to know your water chemistry, in other words how hard your water is and iron content and a few other parameters. If you don’t have a lab report, you can always mail us a water sample for FREE testing to:

Water Store, 1004 King Street, Midland, Ontario L4R 0B8.  We offer FREE Testing. 

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The full tutorial video to explain everything is here: