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KX Matrikx 20" BB Pb1 Carbon Cyst & Lead Reduction #06-450-20-GREEN | Free Ship

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20" Big Blue Pb1 KX Matrikx Carbon Cyct & Lead Reduction Filter Part #06-450-20-GREEN

This is a genuine 20" BB KX Matrikx Carbon Cyst & Lead reduction Filter. This is a perfect replacement water filter cartridge for your family that is NSF tested and Certified to reduce VOC, Cysts & Lead in your drinking water. This carbon block filter also reduces organic compounds, sediment, and dirt through its .5 micron nominal Absolute rating. This 20" Big Blue water filter can be used in residential and commercial applications, as well as in food service and pre- and post- RO filter systems. Please check out our videos below for How to Maintain and More Information on this filter. 

    ✔️ Minimal pressure drop
    ✔️ Formulated for Cyst and heavy metal reduction
    ✔️ Dimensions: L - 20" x W - 4.5" 
    ✔️ High absorption and capacity
    ✔️ No carbon fines release
    ✔️ .5 nominal micron rating
    ✔️ NSF 42 Test & Certified for Material Requirements


    Product Number  SMF 06-450-20-Green

    KX Matrikx Industries Pb1 Product Specifications

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