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Free Water Test Evaluation

Free Water Test Evaluation

Want to make sense of your water test results?


Since 2003, in our retail store, Water Store, when a family has concerns about their water and contact us, we visit them and after listening to the family discuss their concerns about their water we test the water and determine the best application for treating the water. Most of the families we serve through Water eStore are located hundreds or even thousands of miles away and occasionally they're unsure what will remedy their water concern and need help.

We often recommend families go to our Youtube channel for help at and after watching some of our videos they're ready to order or contact us for more information. We also offer FREE Analysis of your water test results and make a recommendation based on your concerns and the chemical analysis of your water.



Just email your water test to . The water test will show us basics like how much mineral content there is in your water from iron, manganese and others, how hard the water is and often more information about hydrogen sulphide content, Total Dissolved Solids, and ideally a bacteria test if we're dealing with surface water (from well or lake water). If the water is discoloured I also recommend testing the water for tannins.  For more in depth information about interpreting your water test results check out this document Drinking Water Quality: Testing and Interpreting Your Results

If you don't have access to a lab to test the water, you can capture about 500 ml in any suitable, clean container and mail it to us at this address: The Water Store 1004 King Street Midland, Ontario L4R 0B8. Once we receive it we'll test the water for your family FREE. Just make sure whether you're emailing us your water test or mailing your water sample that you provide your return email address, the concerns you have about your water and how many people are using the water, or live in your home.

Also, please complete and submit the Water Information Form Below: 

If you're considering a Whole House or Commercial Reverse Osmosis System we would need addtional information and you would use this form:

Reverse Osmosis Feed Water Quality Information Needed

Once we've interpreted the water test results we'll make our recommendations for your family and email them to you for your consideration.