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Water Color & Clarity

City water or water from any municipal source has been treated for your family by numerous processes some of which use chemicals that may leave a residual. Backwashing fire hydrants can cause sediment that has been dormant to be stirred up and produce brown staining water in toilets. Although this water is temporarily unfit to drink, it can also cause problems with laundry and make ice unusable.

Our high efficiency water softeners have a built in, self cleaning sediment filter to remove this sediment and our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems will make your family's water super pure.

Water from private wells often produce water that either has color in it right from the well (a weak tea color) or when it sits for a short time, it turns color. Check out our chemical free iron filters which will get rid of that iron staining for your family. Tannin filters work great at removing the color from your water that is being caused by the decomposing roots of vegetation. Although tannins are most often found in surface water sources like streams and lakes it is not uncommon to find tannins in water from dug or even drilled wells.

Whether you're on city or well water if you want to make sure the drinking water for your family comes out crystal clear you will need a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.

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