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Excelight Reverse Osmosis UV Disinfection EL12AK

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Excelight Reverse Osmosis UV Disinfection EL 12AK

    ✔️ Waterite’s 1gpm  EL12AK Excelight SS UV Light Sterilizer System
    ✔️ A perfect addition to our Goldline-50 Reverse Osmosis System (not included).
    ✔️ Provides protection from Bacteria, (total coliform, fecal coliform and eColi, Crytosporidium, Giardia including their cysts).
    ✔️ Complete system, CSA approved, perfect for reverse osmosis system, drinking fountain, or small filtration system.
    ✔️ 1gpm flow rate @ 30K mj, All Stainless Steel Construction.
    ✔️ Inexpensive replacement parts.

    ✔️ Easy to install
    ✔️ Full installation manual
    ✔️ Mount horizontally or vertically
    ✔️ Quick connect mounting clips
    ✔️ Complete with lamp and quartz sleeve, and ballast
    ✔️ Built-in Audible & Visual Alarm
    ✔️ End of lamp life indicator with 7 day override
    ✔️ Dimension: 11" in Length
    ✔️ 1/4" In/Out Port size
    ✔️ 9000 hours or one year of continuous use lamp life


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      Product Number UVS EL12AK

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      Manual Click here 

      Replacement parts - Click on the related products tab above to order or view pricing

      Replacement lamp: EL12L
      Replacement Quartz Sleeve: EL12Q

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