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Goldline Reverse Osmosis Combo Pack for Goldline RO | Free Ship


Reverse Osmosis Combo Pack for Goldline-50

This is a Replacement water filter set for Goldline 50 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water 5 stage system. This combo pack inlcudes one 5 micron Valuetrex sediment filter, two Carbon filters and 1 Omnipure inline filter. Please check out our video's above for How to Maintain this unit and More information on these filters. 

      ✔️ Pack includes:  1 X SMF 1227867-V Sediment pre filter, 2 X SMF 32-250-10-Green Carbon filters, 1 X SMF CL10ROT40-B Post Carbon filter

        Product Number R/O Combo Goldline 50

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