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Pentair Encapsulated RO Membrane 75gpd Part #GRO-75EN


Pentair Encapsulated RO Membrane 75 gpd Part #GRO-75EN 

    Pentair TLC Residential Membranes use an industry leading state-of-theart TLC (Thin Layer Composite) membrane providing high quality water for a broad range of water chemistries. Each membrane is required to meet our factory's strict performance requirements prior to shipment. 

    Encapsulated membranes already come with quick connect fittings on the housing. These membranes use less waste water with a near 1:1 ratio.


      ✔️ Dimensions: 2.5" Diameter x 16" Length
      ✔️ Weight: 2 lb 8 oz
      ✔️ Fits most conventional units
      ✔️ Membrane Life: 2-5 years
      ✔️ Operating Pressure: 40 psi to 145 psi
      ✔️ Operating Temperature: 40-100 F


      Product Number R/O 4002575

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