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Trojan E & Pro 7 UV Lamp & Sleeve 602810-103 | Free Ship


Trojan E & Pro 7 UV Lamp & Sleeve 602810-103 

Viqua Trojan Ultraviolet lamp & sleeve combo 602810-103 is the replacement lamp for Trojan UV Max Models IHS22-E4, E, E+, E4, E4+, & PRO7. This Combo pack includes 602806 Ultraviolet lamp & 602733 Quartz sleeve. Please see above video for how to replace the Ultraviolet. See above video for how to maintain lamp & sleeve. 

    ✔️ Genuine replacements for Viqua/Trojan Ultraviolet Disinfection systems. 
    ✔️ For Trojan UV Max models IHS22-E4, E, E4, E4 PLUS, PRO 7.
    ✔️ These Ultraviolet lamps need to be replaced annually and the quartz sleeve needs to be replaced when it can no longer be cleaned 100%. 
    ✔️ It is always a great idea to have a spare lamp and sleeve on hand. 
    ✔️ Purchasing the sleeve and lamp in one kit saves you money.


    Part Number UVS 602810-103

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