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UV Dynamics Minirack Single Mount Top Plate #MR320-TP1/200 | Free Ship

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Single Mount Top Plate UV Dynamics, 1 - 20" Big Blue Sump - Part #MR320-TP1/200

This is a Genuine UV Dynamics Mini-Rack ultraviolet System. This water sanitizers and water filter systems combine up to three Big Blue style water filter housings and a UV water disinfection system into one simple, clean looking and integrated complete water filtering and disinfection system.

The Mini-Rack water filtering and UV disinfection system uses a special variation of the UV Dynamics UV water sanitizers, and is equipped with a bottom mounted 1/4" drain plug to facilitate winterization in seasonal applications. This well designed integrated water treatment system installs easily, is easy to service and will provide long lasting value and healthy, clean water!

The Mini Rack is manufactured from rugged 10 gauge HR commercial grade steel and is finished in a tough powder coat finish which will keep the system secure and looking good as new for many years. All systems are designed into an easy to mount wall mount unit. The Mini-Rack system also has an optional floor stand to simplify installation where wall mounting is impracticable.

With water flow rates ranging from 6 to 16 gallons per minute, the UV Dynamics UV water sanitizers and cartridge water filter systems are suitable for use in small and large homes as well as small commercial and industrial installations.

They can easily be used at a point of entry or point of use water location - i.e. under counter / under sink or inline to water coolers, ice machines, etc. Also often used at point of entry for whole house water filtering and disinfection. The dual and triple 20" cartridge units are often used in the complete filtering and disinfection of poor quality and/or contaminated well water into your home.

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Product Number UVS MR320-TP1/200

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