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UV Dynamics SW10 Tannin Conversion Kit | Free Ship

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HUM SW10 Ultraviolet unit - Tannin Conversion Kit

The HUM SW10 whole house UV system is a reliable, economical and chemical-free way to safeguard drinking water for your family with built in pre filtration.  This Tannin Conversion kit is added on to the HUM SW10 to remove tannins from your drinking water and thereby removing the color.  Please note that this is for a low flow application for one bathroom only.  For a whole house system with more than one bathroom you will need this system Automatic Tannin Filter

This System includes:

    ✔️ 1 - FH 5000BL1PR filter housing.
    ✔️ 1 - SMF AF-20-3622 20" Tannin Filter Cartridge
    ✔️ 1 - Pentair SMF 155357-43 5005 Sediment Filter


     Download Manual here

    Product Code:  UVS TCK-SW10

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