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HUM Tannin Filter 3.0 Cube WDTFPTN3 Free Ship

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HUM Tannin Water Filter 3 Cubic Foot WDTFPTN3

Removes that yellow or brown colour from your lake or well water.

Perfect pre treatment for Ultraviolet Disinfection System. Removes the colour and embarrassment caused by your water.

  • Removes discolouration from your water that is caused by tannins
  • Cleans itself and regenerates every 3 days
  • Power Cell backup to retain settings and time during power interruptions
  • Two piece design
  • Black Neoprene sweat jacket and a Black Brine Tank
  • 60,000 grain capacity
  • Whole house system
  • Bypass valve included
  • Salt Storage tank is included
  • Electronically controlled efficiency and reliability
  • Flow rates of up to 10 gpm
  • Complete valve can be disassembled in less than 5 minutes without tools, for easy service
  • Valve uses no nuts, bolts, screws or springs for easy service
  • 14" x 65" tank.

"We had hard water and weak tea colour. The water was staining Dishes and Clothes etc. Follow up was very quick where you tested our water and explained the results. We are pleased with the equipment that was installed and it has solved our problem. We would certainly recommend The Water Store to any neighbour, friends or family. We are very pleased with the results of our water system.

Thank you"

Trish Hodgins and Don Guscott Honey Harbour, Ontario

*Great News!  You can Mix & Match ALL Water Softeners, Tannin, Automatic Backwashable, Iron and Sulphur Filters to take Advantage of our Quantity Breaks Pricing!

Product Number WDTFPTN3

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