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Is Tap Water Pure Enough for Your Family? | The Water Filter Estore

Is Tap Water Pure Enough for Your Family? | The Water Filter Estore


Lately we have heard a great deal about tap water being a "better choice" than the "bottled water" sold in the smaller single serving water bottles. The argument for tap water is that it is better regulated, often is of lower mineral content than spring water and produces far less waste compared to the added pollution that those single serving bottles can cause when they are discarded. These are valid arguments and are true. But is tap water pure enough for your family?
This filter was used in an office Reverse Osmosis system and was the first filter that the municipally supplied water passed through. After about 15,000 litres of use the municipal water passing through it made it incredibly dirty, but remember, if they didn't have this filter and were drinking this municipal water directly from the tap, their bodies would have filtered all of this out. Compare that dirty filter to this other filter which was the last filter in our commercial Reverse Osmosis system in our Midland store, before the water was given to our customers. After 300,000 liters, or about 20 times as much water, had passed through making Reverse Osmosis drinking water for our customers and their families, you can see that it is perfectly white and clean.
So as you can see tap water is nowhere near as pure as the Reverse Osmosis water we produce in our store or that is produced by our home Reverse Osmosis systems. So I don't know about you but I know that tap water is not good enough for my family. And that is why we say buy a filter....or be a filter, the choice is yours!
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