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How Does a Chemical-Free FOB Iron and Sulphur Filter Work?

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Tired of cleaning awful rusty stains off toilets, grout, fixtures, and tubs at your home, cottage, or cabin? The FOB Iron and Sulphur Filter is a chemical-free solution that will save you time, money, and improve the quality of your water for you and your family. 

Tired of cleaning awful rusty stains off toilets, grout, fixtures, and tubs at your home, cottage, or cabin? The FOB Iron and Sulphur Filter is a chemical-free solution that will save you time, money, and improve the quality of your water for you and your family. Read on to learn more. 



FOB air over media systems are totally chemical-free and don’t have any filter cartridges to change. They use air to oxidize the iron and a low amount of sulphur from your water before it enters your home.


A FOB Iron and Sulphur Filter system draws air in through its air intake, by way of an advanced electronic control valve to form an air cap within the top of the media tank.

In everyday use, water is sprayed through the air cap to begin oxidizing the iron and sulphur out of the water. The media traps any oxidized iron and holds it in place while the water flows into and up the riser tube to the whole house or cottage. Every three days the air over media filter automatically reverses the flow and backwashes all of the Birm media flushing the iron, dirt, and sediment from the media and into the drain. Then the air cap is rebuilt sucking water through the injector before the filter is put back into service to continue to oxidize and remove sulphur from your water.

What you're left with is fresh, clean water... and NO RUSTY STAINS! 


The FOB system works at removing up to 4 ppm of iron and a low 1 ppm of sulphur with a ph at least 6.8.

If you've got higher amounts of iron and sulphur in your water, you'd be better equipped with a FOK system, which you can learn about in my next YouTube video here.  

Unsure what's in your water? Wondering what water treatment solution will work best for your home, cottage or cabin? We offer FREE Analysis of your water test results and make a recommendation based on your concerns and the chemical analysis of your water. 

Take advantage of our free water test evaluation by clicking here


As you can see, Iron and Sulphur Removal systems are easy to use and maintain as there are no filters to change or chemicals added to your water. This method is the easiest and most inexpensive way to significantly reduce iron content from your family's household water.

At Water Estore, we offer easy do-it-yourself installation, selection and Iron and Sulphur water filter advice with our YouTube videos and on our blog. Check them out!



To continue to learn more about the maintenance, winterization and installation of these chemical-free iron and sulphur systems and check out the different types available, go to my next video here and I’ll see you there!

Touring Gary The Water Guy's Home Water Filtration System

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