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How Important is Pure Drinking Water for My Baby?

How Important is Pure Drinking Water for My Baby?


Having a new born baby is a very exciting time for every family.  There are so many things to be concerned about and you guessed it, the drinking water for your baby is super important too!

First, consider the source of your family's water.  Municipal water may very well be bacteria free but is usually high in mineral content and contains chlorine and other harsh chemicals.  Well or other surface water must be treated by the home owner to ensure it is bacteria free and suitable for your entire family's consumption.  You must also make sure to educate yourself on the potential risk in the future of PPCP's (Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products) in your water for your family.  Check out my blog post here on PPCP's

Your baby is very vulnerable during her first year of life to viruses, bacteria, and other parasitic infections.  A baby’s immune system and kidneys are still immature. This is why pure, bacteria free water, without too much mineral content, is required for new-born babies.  The World Health Organization states, "...concentrations of nutrient minerals in drinking water may contribute significantly to the total trace element and mineral intake of infants and young children...especially applicable to formula-fed infants during the first months of life, who may be the most vulnerable group affected by excessive concentrations of nutrients or contaminants in drinking water."

Now, in general, your baby shouldn't drink water at all until she's about 6 months old. Until then, she gets all the hydration she needs from breast milk or formula, even in hot weather. Keep in mind that breast milk is 88% water, so Mom needs to be sure she is drinking pure water for her baby. 

Formula can come ready to drink, which parents can be assured is safe. Formula also comes in powder form, which is then mixed with water. Since infants take in so much water through formula, the safety of that water should be the parents' focus. In an astonishing statistic, infants receive 40-60% of the lead they are exposed to through drinking water, which can cause damage including mental retardation. Nitrate, chlorine, aluminum and fluoride are other worries for babies drinking formula made with tap water. 

For toddlers, pure drinking water can also aid in healthy teeth and gums. Many toddlers need a bottle to go to sleep with or they get antsy. But, giving a bottle of juice or milk can cause tooth decay. A bottle of water is suggested instead.

So what should you do?  Whether you are on a municipal water system or well water make sure that you are using a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system like this one as it will remove chemicals like chlorine, PPCP's, Nitrates and about 90% of the mineral content of you water including like lead.  Make sure that Mom is drinking this super pure water too especially if she is breast feeding.  Well known television personality Dr Oz has a home Reverse Osmosis system for his family.  If you are on well water, you need to go the extra step and make sure to get an Ultraviolet Disinfection system like this one to keep everyone, including baby, from getting sick from water borne bacteria.