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How to Find the BEST WATER FILTRATION System for Your Family

How to Find the BEST WATER FILTRATION System for Your Family

Is your water giving you grief? Is the taste, smell, safety and/or colour not up to par with what you would like it to be and you're wondering how to fix it? You may have asked friends or family members for advice on how they fixed their own household or cottage water. However, knowing that every city's and well's water is different, you've likely been left scratching your head as to where even to start when trying to address this issue.

Look no further! In our latest blog post, we explain in detail exactly what needs to be done so that your family can enjoy safe drinking water—free of discolouration, impurities or staining—and create a healthier home environment for everyone to enjoy.



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Water issues can be a source of frustration for families, but don't worry - we're here to help you get the best treatment out there! As a certified water treatment specialist, I know that in order to provide sound advice and suggestions on what equipment will fix your family's needs, it is essential that I receive accurate information. This helps us narrow down hundreds of emails each month from those searching for solutions.

To ensure we have everything necessary at our disposal when tackling this task, please download and complete our Water Filtration Questionnaire below which outlines all the data needed to provide you with a personalized recommendation. The form includes questions about types of contaminants found in your home’s water supply, as well as preferences on what treatments would work best for you—whether you prefer top-of-the-line or more cost-efficient options. Let me guide you through this process so I can help make sure your needs are met every step along the way!



To get started, simply click the link below that matches your water source, fill it out fully, and then send the completed form back to us to receive water treatment recommendations for YOUR family!

>> Well Water Filtration Questionnaire

>> Lake Water Filtration Questionnaire

>> City or Municipal Water Filtration Questionnaire


      mail water test to water store



      No matter if the water source for your home, cottage or cabin is municipal, well or lake water, we will need to know some essential information before we can provide you with custom-tailored water filtration system recommendations.

      • What concerns you about your water?
      • Where are you located?
      • How many people are in your household?
      • What is your water source? Municipal, well or lake (and river) water?
      • What size is your plumbing?
      • Do you have any existing water filtration? If so, what?
      • Do you drink your water? If not, would you like to?



      • Does your water smell? If so, does it smell like bleach?
      • Does anyone in the household have sensitive skin?
      • Need the following water test info:
        • Hardness in gpg or ppm
        • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in ppm
        • Manganese (if possible) in ppm



      lake water solutions

      Same as Municipal Water, plus these details:

      • Does your water smell?  If so, does it smell like rotten eggs (sulphur)?
      • Iron in ppm
      • If you have iron and or sulphur in your water, what is the flow rate from your well pump? If you don’t know, this YouTube video of ours shows you how to calculate. 
      • pH of your water
      • If you pour your water into a white bucket does it have a weak tea colour when it goes into the bucket?  Does the colour get darker when the water sits in the bucket?



      Same as well water plus:

      • Does your water have a “fishy smell”?



      It can sometimes feel like a daunting task trying to figure out how and where exactly to start with your water treatment or water softener needs. By having as much data as possible on hand when discussing potential options with a professional like myself, you'll be able to solve any existing problems and prevent more costly repairs down the road!

      Submit your details to our team today by downloading, printing and filling out the convenient questionnaire form that matches your water source, then scan or take a picture with your phone and email it to Water eStore with your information. From there, we’ll assess and share with you the best water treatment solutions for your family's needs! 


      Please note: If you are looking for a commercial or whole-house Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water system we’ll need a bit more info. Please complete the RO information form here and send it back to us.