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How to Fix Your Water Softener | Troubleshooting - 8 Easy Steps

How to Fix Your Water Softener | Troubleshooting  - 8 Easy Steps


Check the obvious in your WaterBoss water softener first!
1) Is there salt in the brine cabinet? If not, add at least enough salt so it is above the water. Is the water softener plugged in and is there a display showing? Is the water softener in bypass mode?
2) Sediment in brine cabinet has plugged the brine line and air check/draw tube. Remove air check/draw tube and flush with clean water. Clean injector assembly. Clean any sediment from brine cabinet, use a cleaner salt like Windsor System Saver.
3) Flow control is plugged. Remove brine piston housing and clear debris from the flow control
4) Drain line is pinched, frozen, or restricted Straighten, thaw, or unclog the drain line
5) Clogged injector assembly. Remove injector cap and clean nozzle and throat with a wooden toothpick. Replace throat if removed. See video on process.
6) Salt bridge has formed due to high humidity or the wrong kind of salt. Test with a blunt object like a broom handle. Push the handle into the salt to dislodge the salt bridge, or use hot water around the inside perimeter to loosen salt and manually regenerate daily until salt clog is gone.
7) Was the water softener recently installed and is it plumbed backward?
8) Is the water softener metering water? Run some water at the faucet and you should see the flow in gpm. If not there is an issue with the circuit board or metering system.