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How to Install an Excelight UV Disnfection System

How to Install an Excelight UV Disnfection System


Your Excelight Ultraviolet disinfection system should be the last component in your water treatment system, downstream from all other equipment. Choose a location for installation with easy access to an electrical outlet.

1. Shut off the main water supply valve and release pressure by opening a faucet.

2. Mount the unit to the wall in the selected location using the brackets and screws provided.

3. Mount the power supply beside or above the stainless steel housing to assure that any leaks or condensation cannot drip on to the power source. Never mount the power supply below the reactor chamber.

4. The UV must be installed so that the inlet and outlet ports are accessible. If mounted vertically, which is recommended, the lamp connection must be at the highest point. This will assure that any dripping condensation or possible leaks will not drip on to the lamp harness or electrical connections.

5. If mounted vertically, the water inlet port must be the lowest and the outlet the highest port. This allows air to escape the housing and ensures proper flow past the UV lamp. If the system is mounted horizontally, either port can be used as the feed port.

6. Install new plumbing and when installing a pre-filter, be sure to use a 5 micron sediment filter.

7. Remove the electrical end cap. Note that the quartz sleeve has been factory installed.

8. Remove the lamp from its protective packaging. Clean lamp exterior with a clean cloth. Be careful not to touch or leave fingerprints on the lamp. Connect the 4- pin electrical connector to the pins on the UV lamp. Insert the lamp through the opening at the end of the electrical end cap until the connector is inside the end cap.

9. Loosen the set screw on the side of the lamp plug cover and place the cover over the electrical end cap. Tighten the set screw.

10. Remove the nut on the grounding stud and place the grounding wire (green & yellow) onto the stud. Replace the nut and tighten.

11. Connect UV power source to a 120v receptacle. The UV power source audible alarm will sound 3 times before igniting the lamp.

12. Ensure the valves on either side of the disinfection unit are closed. Open the main supply valve. Open the valve on the discharge side of the disinfection unit. Open the valve slowly on the feed side of the disinfection unit. Check for leaks. If any leaks are present, close valves and repair.

13. Your Excelight UV Disinfection System is now ready for use. Before using be sure that all household plumbing lines are disinfected.

14. You can momentarily operate the unit with the lamp disconnected to test the adequacy of the audible alarm function in your installation. Please share this video