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TANNIN FILTER Maintenance Pro Tips & Tricks

TANNIN FILTER Maintenance Pro Tips & Tricks

 Get ready to conquer crappy water with Gary the water guy and his trusty sidekick Matthew! In this lively video, they dive into the world of Tannin water filtration systems and how to keep them in tip-top shape for your home, cottage, or cabin.

First things first, they reveal the secret to identifying if your system uses the Clack ws1 valve. Just look at the bypass valve with its flashy red handles. If they're pointing in one direction and splayed out like an arrow on the other end, congratulations, you've got a Clack valve!

But what exactly are tannins? They're the mischievous culprits that give your water that unsightly brown tint. To find out if tannins are causing trouble in your water, grab a white cup and pour your water in. If it turns into a colorful masterpiece right away, you've got tannins on the loose. Don't worry, Gary's got your back!

Maintaining your tannin filter is a breeze. Simply add a cup of citric acid dissolved in water to the brine well once a year (or more often if needed). It's like giving your filter a spa day! And remember, if your water turns brown temporarily, don't panic. It's just a little post-spa glow.

Salt is the name of the game when it comes to tannin filters. Keep those levels up to ensure your filter is working its magic. And don't forget to give your bypass valve a little exercise now and then to keep it in fighting shape.

In case of an emergency, freeze it up! Having your tannin filter prepared for unexpected situations is always a smart move. And if you want to show off your water to the pros, they're more than happy to test it for free. Just send a water sample to their secret headquarters (well, not so secret, it's 1004 King Street, Middleton, Ontario).

So, whether you're battling tannins at home or in your cozy cottage, Gary and Matthew are here to save the day. Sit back, relax, and let them guide you through the world of tannin filters like true water superheroes!