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Water Softener Systems

About Water Softener Systems

To put it bluntly, if you have hard water, you need a water softener. The vast majority of US and Canadian homes have hard water—85% is the current estimate. Hard water is caused by calcium and magnesium in the water, and some folks have much more of these minerals in their water than others.  A water softener will fix that!!

There are things to look for to see if you need a water softener. For instance, if you have scaly, white deposits in basins or on fixtures in your bath or kitchen, you need a water softener. Additionally, water spots on glasses and dishes are another sign, especially if these spots don’t seem to go away. Those glass shower doors that are installed in every high end new home or home renovation will be a mess of stains in no time unless you have a water softener.  A water softener will eliminate these hard water spots and at the same time make your home much easier to keep clean for your family.

Did you know that if you're considering or already have a tankless hot water heater in your home you must have a water softener to protect your investment?  Those hard water deposits will ruin that beautiful and very expensive tankless heater in no time by plugging up the heat exchanger and turning it into junk.  

A water softener will also save your family money because you will be using far less soap, in fact about one-half as much, than with hard water.  Just think about all the money you spend on shampoo, body wash, dish washing and laundry soap and divide that by one half!  Your water heater will stay efficient because there will be no calcium and magnesium deposits formed  on the heating element keeping it from becoming less and less efficient over time.

We feature both regular efficiency water softeners from Clack Corporation and WaterBoss High Efficiency Water Softeners to make life easier for your family.  These are made by quality manufacturers like Waterite and Aquamaster.  Did I mention the FREE shipping in Canada?

Automatic Tannin Filters remove discoloration in your water due to organics. These organics are often found in surface waters from lakes and rivers and are caused by rotting vegetation.  Our website features easy do it yourself installation videos and we offer advice in our blog.

Our youtube channel has well over a hundred of our own youtube videos that not only explain how various water treatment products work but how to install, do maintenance and trouble shoot.  We even have product review videos for you.