How to Install a Commercial Whole House Reverse Osmosis System



Basically Waterite Vectamaxx Reverse Osmosis systems are quite simple to install once you’ve planned the installation, please review my video here on the planning process.
Assuming you have already installed the pre treatment (if necessary) and storage tanks and repressurization system then you just need to proceed as follows:
1) Install the 5 micron pre filter in the filter housing.
2) Assemble the water feed inlet and hammer arrestor connecting it to the tubing.
3) Use the threaded feet at the base of the RO to level the unit.
4) Connect the feed water supply connection to the unit using the quick connect fittings. If you are not sure how to use these fittings you can check out this video of mine that explains them.
5) Turn on the feed water valve to the system and check for leaks. Do not proceed further until any leaks are fixed. Water will flow to the pre-treatment housings but will not pass the inlet solenoid until the system has started. The available line pressure should now register on the line pressure gauge. Purge any air from the pre filter housing by depressing the red button located on the top of the housing.
I should mention at this point that we offer Free shipping and discount pricing on these systems, just click the link here for more information.
6) Open the recycle valve to the fully open position.
7) Turn on the power, pressing the ON button. Let the system operate for about 5 minutes with the recycle valve fully open. The system is now flushing and clearing any dust or debris from the lines. There should be little or no water production from the machine during this flush.
The RSL systems are designed to normally operate at 130 psi (140 psi for RSL 7200/9600). At this pressure, the proper waste/production ratio is established. Begin to close the recirculation valve slowly until the operating pressure gauge registers the correct pressure. Do not allow system to operate in excess of 150 psi as membrane and system damage may result.

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  • Gary Beutler